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Motorola History Online

Terri Sinnott, Motorola Museum, USA
Sue Topp, Motorola, Inc., USA

Session: Demo Session 2

SNEAK PREVIEW - Motorola's unique institutional intranet site is scheduled to launch publicly in late 2000.

Motorola Museum has 25,000+ sq. ft. of gallery space in Schaumburg, Illinois, and Beijing, China, exhibiting Motorola history, culture and technologies. In early 2000 the museum completed a project to create a new web site in order to share historical resources with Motorola colleagues around the world on a 24/7 basis. In collaboration with Plumb Design, New York, the site was designed to meet the needs of two types of information users: browsers and seekers.

The result is Motorola Museum's "Motorola History Online." The web site combines an Oracle database, Thinkmap(R), Java, Cold Fusion, Macromedia Flash and Windows Media Player technologies. It creates an interactive environment for exploring knowledge connections and accessing information, images and experiences about Motorola's history and culture. The site is mainly template-based so museum staff including archivists, librarians and curators can add site content through their daily cataloging and knowledge creation activities without needing to be skilled webmasters.

Features of the site include interactive animated features that teach basic technology, illustrated short articles, a media gallery with audio clips, video clips and downloadable still images, thematic milestone chronologies, interactive Thinkmap(R), dynamic timeline and search access to the museum database.

The underlying database is a collections knowledge database (Multi MIMSY) which contains information on artifacts, photos, graphics, audio, video and other physical resources. In addition to traditional museum cataloging Museum staff pushed the database to hold virtual items created specifically for the web site. The site uses optimized tables created from a subset of the full database to share information resources with 120,000+ Motorola colleagues worldwide on the company Intranet. Plans are to make the site available to recruits, researchers, customers, families and friends on the Internet later in 2000.

Thinkmap is a registered trademark of Plumb Design. Multi MIMSY is a registered trademark of Willoughby Associates. Luna Imaging Inc. was the vendor for still image digitization.