Harald Kraemer
Associate Professor
School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Harald Kraemer is a wanderer between different worlds. His interest in analyzing, planning, designing, documenting, and archiving of digital cultures of knowledge is central for him and has influenced and enriched his life in many ways. As an art historian and media scientist with a life long passion for (collecting) contemporary art, photography and new media he is familiar with the traditional methods of the Humanities as well as Media Art/Design in Theory and Practice. As a systems analyst and pioneer in Museum Informatics he knows the methods of analyzing and planning complex processes, and through his education as curator and in museology he has been trained in perception, communication, and exhibition-making. In 1998 he started to design and produce multimedia applications for museums – both offline and online – to learn how interactive technology can create new pathways to knowledge.
His works include a wide range of new media projects like Vienna Walk Demo (prototype of an interactive online film realized together with Science Wonder Productions in 1998), Virtual Transfer Musée Suisse (interactive stories about 600 artefacts of the 8 Swiss National Museums in 5 languages: http://www.virtualtransfer.com), as well as Artcampus the award-winning learning course about methodology of art history (University of Bern) or an online introduction into the transliteration of Pin-Yin and Wade Giles for the University of Zurich (http://www.eastasianarthistory.com).
He is recently working at the Design Dept. at Zurich University of the Arts and at the Dept. for Image Sciences at Danube University Krems. Kraemer has a PhD in History of Art from University Trier and a MA in conceptual design for museums and exhibition curating of the Viennese Institute for Cultural Studies. He has published widely and currently he is working on „Multimedia Classics – Hypermedia Hermeneutics“, a critical oeuvre catalog and a methodology of hypermedia. More: