Maria Engberg

I am an Assistant Professor of Media Technology at Malmö University and an Affiliate Researcher at the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology (US). My research interests include digital aesthetics, locative media and media studies. I am currently a project member of two research projects: City Fables. Artistic and design research (2013-2016) and Living Archives: Enhancing the role of the public archive by performing memory, open data access, and participatory design (2013-2017). I am the co-editor of Ubiquitous Computing, Complexity, and Culture (Edman, Bolter, Diaz, Søndergaard, and Engberg, Routledge, 2015) and am the author of several articles on digital aesthetics, literature, and locative media, including augmented and mixed reality. My current book project is about locative media aesthetics. I combine theoretical work with digital media practice. I design mobile media experiences for augmented and mixed reality for cultural heritage and informal learning experiences. In collaboration with researchers at the AEL lab I create augmented reality mobile media experiences for cultural heritage, narrative and entertainment.