Zooniverse Mobile App / React Native Developer (for iPhone and Android)

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The Zooniverse team at the Adler Planetarium is seeking a developer to build mobile apps for www.zooniverse.org (github.com/zooniverse). Zooniverse is the world’s largest platform for the distributed analysis of scientific data through citizen science. We enable over 1.6 million registered volunteers to participate in 72 projects across the disciplines (from astronomy to zoology) in partnership with universities and research institutions around the world. As a Zooniverse developer, you’ll work with our team of 20 talented and friendly developers, designer, and researchers, including our Oxford Zooniverse team in the UK.

We have recently secured a large grant, part of which is dedicated to building a mobile experience for Zooniverse. This is a greenfield project in which the new developer joining our team will have the opportunity to shape our mobile strategy.

Who you are:

  • You’re passionate about building really cool and purposeful mobile apps
  • You have experience developing mobile applications and experience or willingness to quickly learn Javascript, React, and/or React Native
  • You want to be an active participant in Zooniverse strategic planning, including technology choices
  • You’re interested in working in an inclusive environment. We strongly value the diversity we have in our development team and leadership
  • You’re interested in being in an environment that values work-life balance. For example, our normal work week is 35-hours Monday-Friday

Bonus points if you have experience working with

  • Web application frameworks (like Ruby on Rails, Django, etc.)
  • Git and Github (or other version control system)
  • Writing and maintaining automated test suites for code bases
  • Data querying and visualization


  • Full-time, grant-funded position available immediately for an initial 24 months, with opportunity for extension
  • $55,000-60,000 annual salary
  • Comprehensive benefits package


  • Work trips to our Zooniverse office in Oxford, England
  • On average, one conference travel funded each year
  • Choice and provision of equipment
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Free entrance to local Chicago area museums and cultural institutions

For consideration, please provide a cover letter and resume here.


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About trouille

Zooniverse is a leading online citizen science platform, with 50 active projects and over 1.6 million registered users. Since 2007, Zooniverse projects have led to over 100 peer-reviewed publications. We partner with hundreds of researchers around the world to unlock their data through these projects. Zooniverse people-powered research projects span the disciplines, from classifying in GalaxyZoo.org to transcribing artists' notebooks in AnnoTate.org.uk to annotating worm videos to further genetic research through WormWatchLab.org to tagging satellite images after a natural disaster to efficiently deploy relief efforts through PlanetaryResponseNetwork.org.  While earning her Ph.D. in astronomy in 2010 studying galaxy evolution, Dr. Trouille also earned a CIRTL Delta certificate for STEM education research. As a CIERA Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University, Dr. Trouille continued her research on active galaxies as well as co-led the CT-STEM project, bringing computational thinking and modeling curricular materials to high school science and math teachers. In July 2015, Dr. Trouille became Director of Citizen Science at the Adler Planetarium and co-I for Zooniverse. She leads the Zooniverse web development (6 developers and a designer) and Teen Programs (5 educators/facilitators) teams at the Adler. The Adler-Zooniverse group works closely with Chris Lintott, PI for Zooniverse, and the eight Zooniverse developers, systems engineer, and team of researchers at the University of Oxford.