Database and Web Services Developer at AAM

Come work with us at the American Alliance of Museums as we leverage our customer relationship management system and become increasingly more data-driven in our support of the museum field! –> SQL, web services, fun with data, data viz, CRM, and a great team.

Find out more: Look for the Manager of Application Development and Support listing.


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About Liz Neely

Liz Neely is a passionate advocate for how creativity and ‘making’ empower and inspire our lives giving us a lifelong learning mindset fueled by curiosity. As an established museum professional, she’s focused on developing innovative interpretive and learning experiences -- including digital scholarly publishing, multi-media storytelling using iPads in galleries and experimental education programs using 3-D printing. In 2013 she gave a TEDx talk called “Inventing Fabulation” on her philosophy of how making ridiculous things can re-make our world. Liz is the current president of MCN, an organization advancing digital transformation in the cultural sector, and serves on the NMC board. In 2008, she received her MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management with concentrations in Marketing, Technology and Non-Profit Management.