Head of Technology Position: Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Head of Technology formulates and guides the IMA’s vision for technology and technological advancement. Will supervise the work of Information Technology (IT) and IMA Lab staff including the support and planning of the IMA’s network infrastructure, email systems, network storage, server applications, desktop support, gallery electronics, helpdesk, and disaster recovery planning. Oversees the internal and external projects of the IMA Lab. Develops and orchestrates technology-driven
solutions in support of institutional goals and objectives.


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About Silvia Filippini Fantoni

Before joining the IMA, where she is currently the Director of the Interpretation, Media and Evaluation department, Silvia worked for 10 years as a project manager and evaluator for a number of technology based projects in and for museums, including the British Museum, the J.P. Getty Museum, The Centre Pompidou, the Musee du Louvre, Tate Modern, The Metropolitan Museum, The Barnes Collection, The National Portrait Gallery. Whilst embarking on her professional career, Silvia has also continued her academic studies gaining a PhD on the use of Personalization Technologies in Cultural Organizations at Sorbonne University in France, where she also teaches Museums and new Media and Research and Evaluation methods for technology-based projects. Silvia's main area of expertise is the use of new technologies in cultural institutions as well as visitor's research and evaluation, and she has written an extensive number of publications on these topics. Silvia also has a strong interest in various aspects of culture including contemporary art, cinema and performing arts.

One thought on “Head of Technology Position: Indianapolis Museum of Art

  1. Siliva,

    We are on similar paths. When I studied at Columbia there were no internet or digital studies. I combined my past experience in technology from Silicon Valley with other disciplines. My thesis was human information processing in relationship to information architecture. I then traveled around the world visiting museums and examining their exhibitions, use of technology and mode of musuem education.

    While I found the USA advanced in museum education they were slow to adopt technology due to their funding platform. I then traveled to Europe and tried to engage museums in bringing in more technology to aid the visitor experience and post education opportunity.

    I am arts, visual communication, and education oriented. I am not a technologyphile who is an engineer. I would like to work with museums in the digital age. I find they silo the work between a tech person who runs a website, but knows nothing about art. I find EU museums slow in museum education, due to the fact they took a long time to digitize the collection. Few look at an integrated approach between collection management and visitor education or experience.

    Comming from California I took and entrepreneurial approach. I went for experience first. If I had been on the east coast I might have followed your path to PhD level.
    I have knowlege. Might there be a way to collaborate?


    Arlene Atherton

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