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Roommates at the Hyatt for MW2009

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By David Bearman - Posted on 25 February 2009

Many people are looking for ways to save money this year, so if you'd like to share a room at the Hyatt, when you are attending Museums and the Web 2009 feel free to use the comments here to tell others. Or, if you'd like a bit more privacy, drop us a note at and we'll line up a roommate based on your dates, gender and other stated preferences.

For our part, we're strongly encouraging people to stay at the Hyatt because our contract with the hotel, under which they provide all the meeting rooms and staff to set them up for our sessions, requires us to deliver "room nights" or the meeting. If we don't meet these targets, we are subject to large financial penalties that would make holding future conferenes very difficult. Most years this isn't an issue as we have plenty of people staying at the hotel - this year we need every 'room night' we can get:-)

We hope you can help us there. Thanks.


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I'd be willing to share a room at MW2009. I will be arriving on Wed. April 15 and departing on Saturday, April 18.

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I’m an Australian female coming up to Indianapolis for MW2009. Seeking a room mate with GSOH, NS, SD, etc.  :-)

I’ll be arriving Monday 13 April, leaving Sunday 19 April (needing 6 nights accommodation), but am happy to share for 5 nights if your plans don't match mine.

I'm happy to share a roomed apartment with male or female delegates. I tend to be an early riser in case that matters!



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 I emailed you both - tell me by email if it worked out:-)

David Bearman

David Bearman