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crit room 1: chat transcript

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By jennifer trant - Posted on 13 April 2007

i opened a chat room during crit room 1 -- but ended up talking to myself: here's the transcript.



19:27:42 [jtrant] flash progress bar seems to reinforce the fact that you are waiting
19:26:00 [jtrant] are there cross-links between the lesson plans and the objects that use them?
19:24:31 [jtrant] search? isn't there -- could use google institution search freely
19:23:55 [jtrant] enlarge image by clicking on it -- have to select magnifying tool
19:22:29 [jtrant] map to google earth, google maps would give it more reality
19:21:36 [jtrant] could integrate images and links as well as text and numbers
19:21:14 [jtrant] timeline: a bit cryptic -- see MIT simile timeline tool
19:20:15 [jtrant] flash not really necessary to do some of archive pages
19:19:49 [jtrant] mosaic on the front page doesn't go to the images that are included [thumbnail should link to info about image]
19:18:48 [jtrant] mike: design needs to surface the content more: grey text isn't really inviting
19:17:19 [jtrant] map: relate to the contemporary landscape
19:16:56 [jtrant] cross-category navigation is sometimes a challenge -- have to go up to go sideways
19:14:37 [jtrant] tures on the home page
19:14:32 [jtrant] surfacing content in fea
19:13:52 [jtrant] collection names aren't familiar to outside users
19:13:21 [jtrant] Dana: so much content is under the text but it's still hard to understand what it's about
19:11:12 [jtrant] how do you put a narrative on top?
19:11:05 [jtrant] challenge of a large amount of content
19:09:19 [jtrant] on 'examination days'
19:09:03 [jtrant] the site features documents that were used in a school for the children of freed slaves
19:08:04 [jtrant] vivian ducat is now introducing African Free School --
19:05:36 [jtrant] multiple language site? there are some translated parts
19:03:24 [jtrant] Shirley: lot's of educational use
19:03:13 [jtrant] Darren: question -- who's using the site?
19:01:01 [jtrant] mike: set the content free ... use other vehicles to encourage people to come in
19:00:39 [jtrant] telling media types apart is also a challenge
18:59:44 [jtrant] categorization of search results is problematic -- splitting into different media formats may be confusing
18:57:21 [jtrant] the 'short story' pop up doesn't seem linked to the rest of the page
18:56:12 [jtrant] cross linking is great -- but sometimes down in a page, it's a bit too much and gets confusing
18:54:31 [jtrant] especially since it has an encyclopedia in it (from 1966)
18:53:07 [jtrant] thematic organization seems to conflict with 'encyclopedia' name
18:52:55 [jtrant] navigation is critical to get to the rich content.
18:52:30 [jtrant] Dana's talking now ...
18:52:23 [jtrant] annual release gets in the way of building continual interest
18:52:07 [jtrant] newsletter;
18:50:17 [jtrant] rss could be used more: featured entries for each area, for a slice of time
18:49:29 [jtrant] breadcrumbs work to get people back up the hierarchy
18:49:18 [jtrant] home page isn't the main way in -- so the challenge of orientation is great
18:48:18 [jtrant] what about featuring a story at every level to show what's below the menu
18:47:14 [jtrant] suggestions: hierarchy might hide some of the content
18:46:28 [jtrant] Mike had a great time with the site -- he's just finished 'the bone people'
18:45:28 [jtrant] how do we involve our community?
18:45:20 [jtrant] What do we do with internal links and where should they go?
18:45:05 [jtrant] how well does search work across media types?
18:44:29 [jtrant] their big challenge is to continually update the site and keep such a large amount of content in an easily discoverable manner
18:42:56 [jtrant] with an incremental release schedule
18:42:46 [jtrant] they've taken a thematic approach to content development and presentation
18:40:39 [jtrant] shriley williams is presenting
18:40:30 [jtrant] We've now moved to Te Ara
18:37:16 [jtrant] tags in the reference entries offer another informal navigation structure
18:27:44 [jtrant] empty pages look 'broken' in the citation database; how do you bridge the link to the physical articles?
18:26:55 [jtrant] rss feed of 'recently added' is a natural fit
18:26:15 [jtrant] "navigation should be dull" -- should do what you think it should.
18:25:25 [jtrant] breadcrumbs aren't clickable ... but should be and that's easy
18:24:08 [jtrant] the structured journalistic approach may not fit the 'informal' nature of informal science.
18:23:27 [jtrant] mike ellis is talking next: he's also really engaged with the mission statement
18:21:33 [jtrant] move good stuff from 'below the fold'
18:20:18 [jtrant] blocks of text don't reflect the way that people write and read on the web
18:19:25 [jtrant] is time the best way to organize the 'knowledge' section?
18:17:02 [jtrant] dana thinks that we should 'surface the human beings' -- to make it more natural to contribute to a community
18:14:44 [jtrant] the site is
18:14:30 [jtrant] this seems a common thread...
18:13:17 [jtrant] she's wondering what to do to encourage people to contribute to the edited or curated content on their site

18:11:46 [jtrant] we're in the crit room listening to marti talk about informal science and her re-design process