In 2001, a year after its founding, Foundation initiated a survey on Collection Management Systems.

The result? Museums did not own digital cameras. With few exceptions, museums used Word, Excel or paper to inventory their collections.

Now in 2017 we are offering a new survey to see what mayor changes and opinions are now relevant for museums when choosing a Collection Management System.

We kindly request to participate in this brief survey.
The outcome will be published anonymously, and send to all participants individually.

All information is used for this purpose only, and not shared with anyone but the participants.

Please take some minutes to share your opinion, go to: SURVEY

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About Floris

Floris Guntenaar is a designer and the initiator of Foundation. He was earlier also the initiator and founder of CINEKID Film and Television Festival, Amsterdam. He designed several itinerant exhibitions: Berlin/Amsterdam, The World of Anne Frank, Das Akt Foto, One Hundred Years of Jazz, 'Art and Kitsch', 'That's Jazz': the Sound of the 20th Century (for this exhibition Floris designed a concert hall and acoustic 'direct sound' speakers.) As a costume and theatre designer he has worked for DutchTelevision, the Netherlands Opera and numerous Dutch theatre companies as well for the Aspen Music Festival in the USA and for the Science Water Park in Toyama, Japan.


  1. Hi Floris,

    I’ll be happy to complete the survey, but for the “Which program is used?” popup, it seems that EmbARK (from Gallery Systems, and widely deployed in the US) is missing from the options, and none of the other options apply (it’s not custom-made). I’d suggest adding options for both “EmbARK” and “Other Vendor System.” Hope this helps!


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