Calling all Curators! Artifacts from past MW conferences needed for Pop-up Museum

Next month, in Los Angeles, be sure to drop by the MWXX Pop-up Museum, celebrating the past two decades of the Museums and the Web conference. Located right outside the main ballroom, you won’t miss it.

Curated by this year’s conference participants (which means you), the exhibits will feature memorabilia and artifacts donated by past attendees. And that’s where, in the lead up to next month, we need your help.

Do you still have that badges from years’ past? Or a yellowing program? Or a ticket to the after-hours karaoke party? Then this is your chance to share your personal treasures with the world, for all eternity (or at least until the end of the conference).

To make a donation to the MWXX Pop-up, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit each object into the collection here (once for each object)
  2. Contact Hiroko Kusano by email to let her know whether you will bring the items with you or wish to ship them in advance
  3. Gather your friends and bring them to the opening of the MWXX Pop-up Museum

See you in Los Angeles!

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