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digital curation and curating digitally

i spent several days this past week with a group (primarily comprised of archivists and librarians it seemed) celebrating the launch of a Digital Curation Institute at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information.

within the world of libraries and archives 'digital curation' has come to stand for the active management of electronic records and digital archives. it's a post-facto approach to the custody of a digital legacy

this a far cry from the kinds of things that museums do when they think about curating digitally. this is one place where Library-Archive-Museum convergence isn't happening. ...

In Case You Missed it! “Driving New Revenues from the Web” Webinar Recording Now Posted Online

Thank you to everyone who attended the “Driving New Revenues from the Web: Missouri History Museum’s Story” webinar last week.  We had a great turn out and excellent feedback.  If you missed the webinar a recording is now available for viewing on the LicenseStream website click on the following link to view now:

A whole year went by? The Museu Picasso’s 2.0 journey

It really feels like just a few days ago that we started this blog and the museum’s active presence on social media, but — believe it or not! — we’ve just had our first anniversary!

Driving New Revenues from the Web: A Museum Archive's Story

Date:   Tuesday, 08 June 2010

Time:   10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

Presenters: Candice Murray (LicenseStream, Mary Kuch-Nagel (Digimarc), Angie Dietz (Missouri History Museum)


Museums Driving New Revenues from the Web

Don't miss out on the free one-hour Missouri History Museum: Driving New Revenues from the Web webinar.

June 8th - 10AM PST/ 1PM EST

Hosted by LicenseStream & Digimarc with guest presenter Angie Dietz, Digital Asset Archivist for Missouri History Museum.


Collection management software - CALM, PastPerfect, TMS - any experiences?

My group at the Technical University of Denmark is looking at collection management software which also provides public access through the web. I would be very interested in hearing about any experiences with TMS, PastPerfect and CALM.


Thank you



Missouri History Museum: Driving New Revenues from the Web

Title: Missouri History Museum: Driving New Revenues from the Web

Guest Presenter: Angie Dietz, Digital Asset Archivist for Missouri History Museum

Date Time: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST


“How best to leverage the Web?”

At the Museums and the Web conference this year the ImageSpan team learned how important it is for museums to establish a larger presence online and that they view the Web as a potential treasure trove of opportunities.

The big question, “How best to leverage the Web?”

From mw attendant to stranded European:an exciting journey Denver-NY-Barcelona

Finally back to Barcelona, being one of the stranded Europeans (new word to me, now too familiar), I’d like to share with you some first impressions. The past week has been a great week for the Museu Picasso.

Networking works!

One of the great things about going to a conference like Museums and the Web is what happens between programmed sessions when you’re just meeting people and networking.

Zooms a museum game on twitter

Wouldn't it be nice to use a social media platform to get people in touch with your collections in a fun way? Try to wake up the Homo Ludens in your audience?

Yesterday at the un-conference pitches I asked the participants if they would play a twittergame like that. They were enthusiast about this approach.

Planning social media for a reason

Are you planning to use social media at your museum? Well, then you’re not alone. For the last few years social media has attracted huge interest and many museums are seriously considering building communities and allowing users to participate in creation of content – if they’re not already doing it.

A Survivor’s Guide to Web Surveys

How do you make a user friendly and useful web survey? With all the free online tools available today it seems so easy to just do it. Being highly educated people museum professionals should be able to manage that. But do we know how to do it right? That was the central issue of the Museums and the Web workshop Web Surveys: Don’t just do it. Do it right!

My own personal Preconference Tour

I’m in Denver, Colorado for the annual Museums and the Web conference. Before all the workshops and sessions take off Wednesday I planned a personal Preconference Tour to discover some of the museums in the Mile High City.

an offer to mw2010 participants

I would like to repeat our offer made on my blog.. Now that you have learned about Wikipedia we would like to have one picture that could use a bit of digital restoration work in order to make it a better illustration.