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About MW meaning

M&W, as all of us here know, means Museums and the Web. But it’s much more. Year after year it keeps improving, opening new ways for discussion, gathering museum delegates from around the world to share expertise, discuss issues, build network and, as a result, generate new ideas.

Web Site Reviews for CSA Newsletter


For the last five years the CSA Newsletter ( has included regular reviews of web sites related to archaeology or architectural history. We intend to continue to do that, but we are always in need of people willing to spend the time required to give a site its due. We need volunteers - in general, for specific areas of study, or for specific web sites. Please let me know if you would be interested by email me at editor AT or nicke at the same domain.


Digital Storytelling Workshop for Museum Staff

Digital Storytelling Workshop for Museum Staff - Apr 19-21st and Apr 22-24th in Denver - The Center for Digital Storytelling will be offering two different 3-day intensive Digital Storytelling Workshops for museum staff directly after MW2010 in Denver, CO.  These workshops will be lead by Mary Ann McNair, a seasoned digital storytelling facilitator who worked at the Colorado History Museum for over 25 years and helped implement digital storytelling into two exhibits at the museum.

We’ve finally got the Collection online!!!

After more than two years’ hard work it’s a great pleasure to be able to offer a first online version of the database of the Picasso Museum’s catalogue, with more than two thousand works.

Museu Picasso on Twitter @museupicasso

Yes!!!  We have finally joined Twitter, the social network that we needed to complete the first phase of  our Social Media presence, launched in May this year. Some of you are maybe wondering, but, weren't you already on Twitter? And others may ask why weren't you? Or even , why are you now?

Preservation Survey - DuraSpace Small Archives Group

Small archives represent the long tail of cultural heritage. Most of us are coping with inadequate resources available for addressing our primary missions, and lack the time, staff, skills, and other resources to address long-term access to that cultural heritage. This includes the challenge of locating and securing tools and resources to address the long-term preservation required to assure that access.

Encounter at the Louvre on Museums and Social Networks

The recent get-together in Paris as part of the ‘Rencontres Web Musées’, on 16 October, was in the purest spirit of 2.0: informal and participatory and with plenty of substance supplied not only by the panel but by many of the delegates. The setting, the Louvre. The subject: Museums and Web 2.0. The content: let me give you a brief overview, and you can check out the presentations on Slideshare.

New paper online about convergence and professional education in archives, museums and libraries

Emerging Convergence? Thoughts on museums, archives, libraries and professional training

J. Trant, Archives & Museum Informatics
[author's pre-print of article to appear in Museum Management and Curatorship, Vol. 24, no. 4, Dec. 2009.]

Semantic Web and Museum Data Workshop

We would like to invite you to the upcoming Semantic Web and CIDOC CRM Workshop on October 25, 2009 in Washington DC

For further details please see:

Survey on Museum Use of Social Media to Engage Their Communities

I'm interested in knowing how other museums - and other cultural institutions - are engaging their communities through social media technologies.

Are you?   

Help me gather benchmark data by completing this survey about what types of social media are being used by museums, how much time is spent on it and who in the organization manages this engagement.

August 31st: BlogDay!

Today is BlogDay again. Beyond many well known museum blogs such as Brooklyn, Tate Modern, IMA,Museum 2.0, etc. here are my 5 recommendations for this year's BlogDay:

Better late than never (or so they say): my mw09 report

Shortly after m MW Conference, back from Indianapolis, I wrote a report for my director, museum staff and other museums’ colleagues. It was even published on the Direction of Heritage of the Generalitat (Catalan Government) website, in Catalan. I thought I could have it translated into English as well, to share it with you. And so I did. And then, in the turmoil of everyday overload of work, I forgot about it. Oops. Putting papers and files in order before leaving for holidays, I realize now I never sent it. So, here you are.

Call for nominations - 2009 Jodi Awards

Jodi Awards 2009 – national and international this year

Call for nominations - Contact: Ross Parry, Jodi Mattes Trust, tel 0116 252 3963. Email:

Nominations are now being sought for the Jodi Awards  2009. The awards are for museums, galleries, libraries, archives, arts organisations and heritage venues that use digital technology to widen access to information, collections learning and creativity for disabled people .

5 ideas from “The Museum of the 21st century” talk between Directors of Tate & British

Yesterday in London, Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum and Nicholas Serota, director of Tate, discussed about the Museum of the 21st Century in front of an audience of 500, at the London School of Economics. The event was coorganized with Thames & Hudson.

Fluid Engage: my intro as a project advisor

two things that i would like to bring to Fluid Engage :

web pages i showed:

Archives & Museum Informatics [our home page]