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Yes, it happened!! (After MW09 /2)

Remember what I posted about “coming down to earth” after mw09? I still maintain it, because it has proved quite so, but sometimes life still surprises you. Well, I have great news: my boss (the museum's director), who is a dynamic guy, pro 2.0,  at a museum directors meeting let go some basic outputs from mw09

22nd International Sculpture Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS

22nd International Sculpture Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS

London, UK – April 2010

How does the conference work: Publication

We invest a huge effort in getting the Museums and the Web conferences documented. As those who have proposed presentations for MW know, everything goes through extensive peer review. Once accepted, we require all our speakers to provide full papers and then we copy edit those papers and put them on-line, on CD-ROM and in print. After the meeting, we follow up by putting slides of talks on-line and providing transcripts or video of some events. The entire process, end-to-end requires a lot of attention and costs a great deal. We think it is worth it and hope you agree.

How does the conference work: Food

The conference, like any army, marches on its belly. This year we each ate or drank $177.57 of our registration fees. That included 625 bottles of water at $4.66 each and over 2400 cups of coffee, decaf and tea from hotel urns at $4.32 each (yes, the hotel over-charges for everything). One reason we give out 'free' tickets for Starbucks espresso drinks, is that this is cheaper for us than the hotel coffee.

Eval - Page 1

Eval - Page 1

1. I first heard about M&W from a colleague, well ... my boss.
2. I received permission after asking to go for the last three years
I have visited the website several times, where I obtained forms,
followed discussions, and read program descriptions and logistical info.
4. I didn't participate in online activities during MW2009 because I was too busy, but I will now -- twitter, flickr, archimuse.
I read the twitter fall when it was projected and a few sessions

Thoughts on MW2009---An outsider looking in

These are the musings of Brad Hemminger, as an outsider looking in, at the museum profession.  I have been fortunate to observe and participate in the transition of three fields from analog media to digital media, caused by advances in information technology.  First medicine, then libraries, and now museums.  Based on my experience, museums are in early stages of this transition, and lots of exciting developments are occurring, with many of them being developed by people attending the 2009 Museums and Web conference. 

How does the conference work: Staff

We take advantage of the clauses that we negotiate to permit us to bring in outside contractors. After all, as you have no doubt noticed, we have no staff. Jennifer and I do the conference year-round, though primarily during the six months leading up to the meeting when we estimate we spend about 50% time on it (eg. 2 people 50% x 6mo = 1 FTE very unevenly distributed and with lots of long days).

MW2009 Backchannel Stars - pictured

Just before the closing MW2009 plenary on Saturday April 18 we rewarded the efforts of some really busy people. Not only had these guys and gals been busy attending and running workshops, sessions, crit rooms and more, they also found time to take pics, send Tweets and write blog posts about #mw2009. There was also the small matter of evening socialising going on too...

Transparency. How does the conference work?

I don't know if it was Max Anderson's call for transparency in the opening plenary, curiosity about how sausages are made, or just an effort to make conversation with me assuming it was something I knew about and not wanting to presume whether I might be able to discuss museums as well...but I received lots of questions about what goes into running the conference this year at MW, so I thought I'd explain in a series of posts.

40+ useful tweets in 4 days!: Twitter aggregation as a means of sharing community knowledge

I was a skeptic about twittering, seeing it as useless chatter, until in the weeks leading up to this year's conference, I found I was becoming a regular reader of twitter feeds tagged #MW2009 because they were producing one or two url's a day that were useful references.

Bye, bye MW09 (blog written on my flight back to Barcelona)

Now that we are taking back with us all the richness generated by mw09 attendance, here there are some after thoughts.

Inspirerad och utmattad

Nu är konferensen slut för i år. Under de kommande dagarna kommer jag dock att publicera lite mer info, sådan om jag helt enkelt inte hunnit berätta under konferensens gång.
Hör gärna av dig och berätta vad du tänker på och gör.

Vi ses!


Välkommen till det nationella forumet för webbredaktörer på museum 18 maj 2009 i Visby, Gotland.

Unga kulturproducenter

Under fredagsmorgonen kunde man ströva omkring bland ca 15 webbprojekt som i bås presenterade sina produktioner.
En av de intressanta i kategorin unga musei- & webbproducenter är de tre exempel studenter från Media Arts Program i New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico skapat.