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Museum jobs: a summary

when talking to some of the developers at the Fluid Engage project team meeting today (i'm on the Advisory Committee), i realised that an introduction to the way that museums are organized, and what kinds of people do which kinds of jobs, would be helpful.

Impact of Museum Websites - a comparison using Alexa

NOTE: This was an experiment, meant to test the method, not to produce a citable result. Read the comments.

The other day I was musing about what impact museums are having on the Web and who is 'punching above their weight'?  I began to ask how would we know, and it occured to me to check the relative Alexa rankings of museums ( This produced a few possible answers and lots of surprises, so I systematically looked through the rankings to find the (c. 200) 'museums' that ranked, by traffic, in the top 500,000 web sites worldwide. I included for comparison and amusement (which, if it was a museums, would have ranked 99 among museums).

What was said at Museums and Web 2.0 session in Madrid

The last session of the conference on ‘Communicating the Museum’, that took place in Madrid on Friday 29 May 09, was devoted to new media and Web 2.0. With the participation of some 150 communication professionals from museums and cultural centres from all over Spain, the morning was made up of presentations by three speakers followed by discussion. 

How well 2.0 Project Presentation to Museum Staff went

Yes, it went well! I was so prepared to face some strong resistances, some questioning why we should waste time on that when we have so many important tasks to do and things of the sort, that I was surprised none of these were uttered (I twittered it but I haven’t had time for blogging until today, Sunday). I guess I was sort of relieved. But I’m very realistic too: first, people in meetings usually are cautious when they don’t really know much about the matter.

Web Content Management Systems

How are you? We are taking a small survey of what Content Managment Systems Museums CMS. Would you mnd taking a minute to fill out this one page survey?


I will post the answers. Thank you!


I'm also a web redesign survivor! (after MW09/3)

I was delighted to attend the mw09 session where four museums shared their experience of having their websites redesigned. To my surprise, the difficulties I underwent during our redesign process were almost the same (at a smaller scale, of course) as those of the big museums

(thank you Allegra, Dana, Charlotte and Joana for sharing).

What you thought of MW2009. Evaluation Data Analysis

Thanks so much for your evaluations of MW2009 – if you haven’t completed one, you still can online at Our preliminary analysis of these is proving immensely useful as always, but we’re always happy to hear more (so respond online even if you filled one out at the meeting but have had additional thoughts since).

You don't always agree ...

How does the conference work: People come

Of course the way the conference really works is that people attend and participate. We would like to think that the meeting is designed so that everyone who comes participates; if we count the unconferences, BOF's, blogs and tweats, everyone who wants to certainly does! We suppose, however, that some attendees were lurking, happily, and that's fine too.

MW2009 Eval – page 2

6. General Comments

My favorite sessions were unstructured, unled,
brainstorming, and open, but with a topic and time limit. Unconference/Birds of
a Feather-like.

Short report of the MW2009 Unconference session: Digital collaboration of Museums, Libraries and Archives

At one of the 'unconference groups' at MW2009 11 participants discussed the need for collaboration between museums, libraries and archives to achieve better digital services. Here is a short report of this session.


MediaModes 09 - Call for Proposals for Graduate Student Conference at School of Visual Arts - due June 15th

Call for Proposals
MediaModes Graduate Student Conference
at the School of Visual Arts, New York City
Proposals due June 15, 2009 to

MediaModes is an interdisciplinary graduate student conference,
which provides a critical forum to present current scholarship and
academic research projects at the intersection of media, art, and

Collections online and legal issues

I am moderating a seminar on social media/collections online and policy issues. I would like to get in touch with institutions having their collections online, publishing items on Flickr etc. and who have encountered or experienced "problems" with these images being "stolen" (i.e. showing up on blogs, on Wikipedia, commercial sites).

I would be very grateful to learn more about other institutions' policies on transparency, participation in social media sites, or just publishing collections online.

How does the conference work: Everything else

Having previously reviewed the venue, staff, food and publications related efforts and costs, in this last blog posting about the conference I’ll discuss a number of miscellaneous issues including the pre-conference events and exhibits that are important components of the overall program. Finally, I'll pose a question we've been noodling, about whether it makes sense to have a "membership" in Museums and the Web.