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Last call for proposals for MW2012 in San Diego

We are thrilled by the response to the MW2012 call for proposals, but there is still time to submit yours before midnight tonight PST.

Log in, or create a new account if you are not yet a member of the Museums and the Web community, and submit your proposal at:

Museums and the Web: Next Steps

When we held the first Museums and the Web in 1997, none of us were sure how the Web would develop, or what technologies would be most interesting to museums in the future. We certainly didn't anticipate the close community that would develop around the conference, sustaining itself in various ways online between annual get-togethers. Your knowledge and generosity is unique and amazing; it has made Museums and the Web the international conference for culture and heritage online.

But after fifteen years, it's time for us to step back from the day-to-day management of Museums and the Web. We both recognize the importance of MW to the community, and care deeply about the persistence of its legacy (including the online archive of papers going back to 1997). So it's taken some time to work out our next steps.

MW2011 Reflections ~ World of Museum Magazine, RU

I couldn’t help but write about my MW2011 experience for my favourite international museum publication, Мир музея (World of Museum - PDF and translation attached. My dear colleague and co-author could not join us in PA, but she got the play-by-play online. « Cпасибо » to those who graciously lent photos.

Museums are going Mobile. Notes from #mw2011

Mobile was really alive on #m2011 !

I've just blogged on our museums' blog, highlighting two of the many interesting mobile events: Nancy Proctor 's workshop on Mobile Strategy and the Crit Mobile Room.

Unconference Session: Social media in museum education

State-of-the-art: Museums use social media mostly for marketing reasons and PR. In many institutions social media (social networks, sharing platforms, blogs, wikis etc.) is treated as an information tool, not as a dialogue oriented and participatory media tool.

Another Conference Newbie

I'm waiting for the train back to Connecticut after an information-packed meeting.  I've attended many a history conference (and since I'm a historian of medicine, a few medical conferences as well) but this is my first time at Museums and the Web, or at a museums conference of any sort.  I teach a digital history course for our M.A.

Birds of a Feather: Collections Access


The organizations at the table were at various stages of digitizing collections and were all eager to discuss best practice, process, visitor contributions, and more. Questions and topics that emerged were:


Notes from Crowdsourcing & UGC Mobile Tools Unconference session

Crowdsourcing & UGC mobile tools

What is crowdsourcing? Can we identify the specific CS task first and build tools around that?

Def: crowd sourcing

Correction and transcription


Complimenting a collection





Tapping into volunteer talent -- an unconference summary

Four of us gathered in a Commonwealth corner to join Bob Ketner of the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA to talk about how to tap into volunteer talent. At the Tech Museum, Ketner is part of an initiative that encourages the public to submit ideas for exhibit designs for the museum.

Ready to encounter a new organization?

Yesterday afternoon I attended the informal discussion entitled "Interaction - Thoughts on encountering a New Organization". Although I am a few years away from moving to a new one - being a grad student I will have to find an institution to move to in the first place, I had hoped to get some useful insights into the working world of museum professionals.

Conference Newbie

I arrived yesterday at Philadelphia as a volunteer and a Newbie to MW. Confession time: this is only the third professional museum conference I've ever attended in my short career in museums so I was a teeny bit nervous. But, my apprehension was short lived...

Packing up!

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I won't have the cat stuck to my face, so imagine me without it.

Come up and say hi, I'm shy! (Not so shy, but come and meet me anyway)

Download MW2011 iPhone APP & Win an iPad2

Download the MW2011 App for your iPhone.  Keep informed about all the M&W commitee, speakers, sessions, demonstrations and events.

You have a chance to win an iPad2, if you play the George Washington puzzle game.