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Open Source Software in the Cultural Heritage Domain

As part of the Europeana Version 2 project we have made available the first iteration of an Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain. This inventory aims to create a valuable resource, collecting relevant open source software tools for the cultural heritage domain.

You can view the current version of the inventory as a public Google Spreadsheet here:

We hope this will become a valuable resource, not only to the Europeana Network, but also for a wider community of cultural heritage technologists. But to ensure this will happen, we need help from externalcommunities. Hence my e-mail to this list.

And we are quite positive that there are still numerous open source tools and applications in the cultural heritage domain that can be included in this inventory.

People that want to contribute to this inventory can obtain edit rights to the spreadsheet by sending me an email (

Feedback on the current structure and content of the inventory is also very welcome!

Thanks in advance for your contributions and feedback!

For more information: