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You are hereTagging game at the McCord Museum, Montreal

Tagging game at the McCord Museum, Montreal

The McCord Museum has launched a 'keyword matching game'. Players are asked to supply up to 10 keywords for each of a group of images, within 3 minutes.

It took me a few minutes to figure out the interface -- and i found myself peering at the images [maybe that's just because i've had a long day at the screen, but i was looking for details, and found i was squinting.]

McCord Museum of Canadian History: Scoring Screen: The scoring screen from the McCord's keyword matching game.

Scoring takes place after the game, with points assigned based on matches, and on some other criteria... My score was '5' on the shown image -- of a top-hatted gentleman sitting in front of a pair of white-coated saxophonists -- and i didn't match any of the terms from the 'Guest' i played against, whose vocabulary included things like "Open Air Playhouse" and "Cymbeline" ... sounds like the museum's documentation to me ;)

See what you think -- Go play! or if you'd rather ... Jeu!