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You are update for the Dublin Core Annual Meeting update for the Dublin Core Annual Meeting

I've been invited to give an update on the activities of at the Dublin Core Annual General meeting. While I can't be in Singapore, this invitation did provide the motivation to do a podcast providing an update on where we are with the research and highlighting some very early research results. You can download the podcast here.

We're definitely seeing differences in behaviour between tagging on the single-institution site at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the multi-institution site at And we're seeing differences in tagging depending on whether users see object descriptions or not, and whether they see works of art in related sets or not.

The current data collection phase is exploring the effect of showing others tags. In the fall, we'll move on to explore what happens when users can select works to tag. We had some great discussion about what 'choice' means at the steve summer meeting on Grindstone.

While these all seem relatively simple variables, we needed to start at the beginning to try and figure out what the most effective configuration of a tagger might be. Participants in steve are also reviewing all the tags supplied, so that we can make a qualitative assessment of the contribution of user tagging to on-line access to art museum collections.

Throughout the process, the open source steve.tagger, reporting, and validation tools - written by the steve development team - are providing a great foundation for the research work, and for future deployments of tagging on art museum sites.

Come by, and Tag Art!