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Museu Picasso on Twitter @museupicasso

Yes!!!  We have finally joined Twitter, the social network that we needed to complete the first phase of  our Social Media presence, launched in May this year. Some of you are maybe wondering, but, weren't you already on Twitter? And others may ask why weren't you? Or even , why are you now?

I have answers for all these questions (sort of).The first one is a clear No. And there were several  reasons for that. First, to start small and grow from there. We opened a blog and profiles on Facebook, Delicious, Flickr, Youtube and Slideshare. The most time-demanding for us are the blog and Facebook. Twitter is tricky; it may seem that to post a short message now and then is not much time-consuming. But, I'd disagree: if you want to have a good presence there you need to have some tweet-strategy that fits into the general museum strategy and post interesting and motivating tweets, as well as react promptly to your followers' tweets or DMs. Using Twitter just as a dissemination channel of your activities I think is a poor use of its potentialities. And if you decide to follow other museums and professionals (some museums follows none) it's a daily task to add to many others. Furthermore, the use of Twitter six months ago in Catalonia and the rest of Spain was much smaller than it is now. So, and this answers the third question, we decided we were now ripe to start an active Twitter presence.

Too late? I hope not, because although I've read this morning on Brian Solis's blog, The Twitter Star: Nova or Supernova? that Twitter is down, and shows statistics confirming its use is dropping, in our country (and I think in  general in Europe) we are still on our way. And in MW I'd say that in 2010 we will still have a widespread tweetering, thus continuing the dramatic growth it experienced in 2009 edition.

I've been tweeting for months on behalf of the museum as @innova2. This has given us a taste of the platform. And I can tell that for me Twitter is now my first and most important source of info and knowledge on museums and museology and social networking.

What will Twitter's future be? What do you think?

All the best