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Art On Demand

TitleArt On Demand
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsLahanier, C., & Minodier A.
Secondary TitleInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting: Proceedings from ichim03
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics
Place PublishedÉcole du Louvre, Paris, France
EditorPerrot,(d. 2007), X.
Keywordsart communities, art education, digital rights management, ichim, ichim03, large format printing, Print franchises, Web Art Contents

The conference will expose the objectives of the project, its technical architecture, including a “live” use of the pilot platform for contents search and personal publishing. It will outline the proposed relationships with contributing contents partners and the planned deployment model. Art On Demand objective is to bridge the gap between Art Institutions, contents owners, artists, rights owners and the public. It offers the first specialized deep Search/Access services on both text and images for arts audiences and a new distribution channel through a network of large/small formats print kiosks installed at “brick and mortar” locations. These services are embedded in a secured community software, allowing instant messaging, telephony, video-conferencing, pc share, The AOD index will give a single access to several millions web pages, documents and images. Contents owners could add their electronics documents and users / subscribers will search AND find pertinent answers. These services and products will be distributed within a fully secured process, including appropriate rights protection and revenue distribution process. AOD Finder a multilingual, multi-format access engine able to drive the user from its own “mind set” to the contents. AOD Summarizer: will automatically highlight and extract key sentences from text documents for fast reading and raw abstracts preparation, AOD Publisher: drag and drop texts and images to prepare the publication and share it with teachers, colleagues, friends and family, with automated citations, AOD Communicator (Peer to Peer hybrid software) allows AOD Communities Members (universities, schools, classes, group of students) to share published texts and images and securely “source” the contents from member’s computers AOD will centrally manage web crawling and indexing, link and index publisher’s contents, insure process quality control, manage digital rights payments (images and texts collections), insure an end to end secured process for the contents and the copyrights owner as well as the privacy of users.. Advantages for the Art audience: Students and arts fans will have access to the best and most complete contents index on Arts, will be able to publish within their community and use all media of communication (messaging, telephone, sms, webcam, pc share) with other members of their AOD community. Advantages for the AOD Print Franchisee: A very large choice of contents will help build “local” digital portfolios, manage rapid changes in buyer’s behavior, taste, and will propose “event’s” based promotion, providing a higher return on shop square footage, and also act as a traffic builder.