About Christina DePaolo

Christina DePaolo is Communications Specialist at 4Culture, a cultural services agency funding arts, heritage, preservation and public art in King County, Washington. She oversees public relations, marketing, outreach and King County Council relations. Christina also collaborates with the communications team and staff on digital storytelling and programmatic initiatives. Formally, she was Director of Digital Media at the Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) where she head up a large-scale collections online project, as well as managed Drupal website production, collections digitization, and in-gallery interpretive efforts for over 20 of the Balboa Park Museums. She has worked in the arts for 20 years with more than 15 years of project management and leadership experience in the field of interpretive technology.

Digital Engagement Specialist

4Culture, King County Washington's funding agency for Arts, Preservation, Heritage and Public Art is looking for a Digital Engagement Specialist. Applications are due Wednesday, March 25. More info at http://bit.ly/1aY43GP Thank you. Christina DePaolo 4Culture christina.depaolo@4Culture.org 206.263.1588